We always act in accordance with ethical and professional standards. We do what is right for our society, our stakeholders, our customers, our employees and ourselves. We communicate openly, sincerely and sincerely. We take responsibility for our actions and fulfill our obligations. We act in accordance with the text and spirit of the contracts we have signed. We strictly abide by the principles of confidentiality. We respect the rights of our employees, customers, stakeholders and the society we live in. We obey the law and respect legal rights. We respect company rules, we know that violations of rules are disrespectful. We express our opinions with respect.
We focus on solving conflicts, we strive to reach consensus. We prioritize excellence in the results we achieve and in the way we achieve these results. We implement innovations flawlessly. We improve our processes by constantly raising the bar for our business standards. We do all our work in a planned schedule. We proactively take initiative when necessary to achieve the most appropriate outcome. We have a global view and closely follow the developments in our sectors. We attach importance to error, we talk about mistakes, we learn from mistakes, we try not to repeat mistakes.