Sustainable Production
Continuing its production with the products and technologies that make a difference in its sector, Elcplast attaches importance to production that is constantly renewed, developed and focused on R&D.
In this way, Elcplast will reach an organic body, which will offer more environmentally friendly, functional and economical products by reaching the targeted quality and reducing production costs. To encourage in-house entrepreneurship and sustainability, to try to consolidate the concept of sustainability in production by providing a creative collaborative working environment to accelerate the transition from idea to product, from product to market, with a design-oriented thinking technique and advanced R&D infrastructure.

Our Environmental Policy,

As ELCPLAST and its employees, we aim for a sustainable and green life for future generations within the framework of national and international legislation and regulations. We are an environmentally friendly company within a reliable environmental management system that is based on continuous improvement and uses our advanced technology.
It is our priority to transfer a clean and healthy environment that is sensitive to climate change and carbon emissions to future generations. It is very important for us to use energy and natural resources efficiently, to reduce negative environmental effects in all processes from design to the end of the product's life, to prevent possible pollution from its source, and to prioritize climate change and sustainability in all activities.
We work with all our heart and strength to become an exemplary organization in our sector with our environmental leadership, by managing our activities in an integrated manner with Quality, Energy, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in order to increase the environmental awareness of our teammates and the society. we are working.